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HANDBOOK OF MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES (some additions on Nov. 30, 2002)
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 Section 1: Maintenance
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Pneumatic bilge pump switch
I like to have no electrical wiring in the bilge.  It always very vulnerable and hard to service.  Here is a pneumatic bilge pump switch that moves electrical parts high above the water:
pneumatic bilge pump switch

Sealing cabin top leaks

Because of the composite construction (fiberglass, teak), sealing cabin top leaks is a persistent challenge.  Here are some subtle modifications that may help in sealing places better.

In addition, think of ways to restore the bond/seal between the teak cabin sides and the underlying fiberglass.

Emergency tiller

From: "Carol Baardsen" <baardse@ibm.net>

Dear Andreas and Ben,

I am a little unclear if your are asking about emergency rudder or emergency tiller so I give you both. Emergency rudder is part of the HYDROVANE windvane self steering, built by:
Hydrovane Yacht Equipment Ltd
117 Bramcote Lane
Nottingham NG9 4EU

Nottingham (0602) 256181

The independent rudder that is part of this system is big, and strong enough to steer the boat if the main steering is inoperative. For any jury rigged rudder to function, sucessfully, the main rudder must be Imobilized or removed. you may imobilize the main rudder with a double line tied through the aperature with a larkshead.  The ends should be tensioned and secured on the quarters. Alternativly the quadrant  or tiller can be jammed with wooden wedges.  Opposed pipe wrenches on ruddershaft can also be wedged into place.  Hydrovane is an excellent system for these boats considering our appendages and long overhangs.
Our rudders compose a small fraction of the vertical surface.  The rudders are forward and shaded by the keel and raked at an extreme angle.  The hydrovane being located on the transom overcomes these difficulties nicely and steers the boat in the most difficult conditions.  It is clearly the best choice for our type of boat.  The only disadvantages are that it includes a lot of cast aluminum with
stainless screws, so before installation, it must be totally disassembled and all the threads and screws treated with RESCUE STEEL or ALUMALAST or Chromate or LOC-TITE or similar, to keep the threads form corroding solid.  Also it is expensive. Other than that no problem.  I'd do it again.

The emergency tiller that came with the boat was a huge steel pipe affair over six feet long and shaped like a swans neck.  It was a sloppy fit and consequently wore out after three days.  It was useless.

You can make your own better and cheap:
Take 4 plates of mild steel   1/4 x 2" x 8"  Weld them along the long edges to form a square tube.  Care must be take so that the tube fits tightly onto square head of the rudder shaft.  Drill and tap for two large setscrews 3/8" minimum  or alternatively drill and weld on nuts to provide the necessary threads. Provide hexed steel capscrews as they are easier than socket heads in rough conditions.

Cut the upper end off at 45 Degrees.  Weld on a 10 inch piece of 2  1/2" black pipe so that there is a 135 Degree angle between the components.  Fit with a stout timber handle 4 foot minimum length.  provide points of secure relieving takle on the handle as you might be using if for a few hours, Galvanize it, next time you have your anchor chains done.  Install the tiller athwartships (laterally) not longitudinally as this will keep it clear of the wheel and binnacle.  Give it a trial run.  I would appreciate your comments.
Sig "Mary T."


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