New  Portlights on Astarte

Here's the head porthole from outside.  I haven't put plugs in the eyebrow molding yet; and I haven't cleaned all the dust.

The small pie-slice of wood is a pattern to make the pieces of wood that hold the window either open or closed.

Forward cabin starboard side.  Note at the end of the grab rail there is a drainage tube.  It goes into the hanging locker and then down to the bilge.  I have installed drainage tubes  in the aft (low) end of all of the grab rails to drain any water that might find its way into these areas.  I don't want any water sitting in these areas; it could damage the plywood on the sides.
Foreward cabin, port side. Drainage tube is alongside the water tank air vent.
Main cabin, foreward port area.
Head porthole.  Drainage tube is behind the white hose, which is a vent for the holding tank vent.

Nov. 14, 2007
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