Cheryl L  Photos

Cheryl L started life as a yawl.  One day she was sailing in close quarters with a friend, and the friend tacked too close.  The bow snagged a mizzen shroud and converted Cheryl L  to a sloop.

Much of the original bright work has been painted over; she looks sharp.

Cheryl L has been set up for single handed sailing, giving the helms man convenient control of the main sheet, traveler adjustment, and jib sheets.  The mainsail has been rigged according to modern standards,  with an elaborate traveler, full battens and an elaborate vang. 

The jib is sheeted to upgraded winches at the back side of the cockpit.

A removable bowsprit has been added so she can fly an enlarged asymmetrical spinnaker.



Below decks, she reveals interesting changes.

She has a supplemental grab rail on the ceiling.

The galley storage area can be closed with a swing-up panel.  When the panel is down, it creates additional counter space.

The table has been relocated.  It is moved forward and provides a base for a solid fuel cabin heater.

The drawer under the forward end of the table has been enlarged.

The back end of the table folds down, to provide access.



When it came to to replace the forward compression post, an adjustable section was created to make it easy to install and and then lengthen the post to fit perfectly.

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