12' x 11' x 5'1"
Design # 794
Designed for aluminum construction fo the Aluminum Co. of Canada, 1966
The Petrel is a sailing dinghy, built of aluminum for the hull, deck, mast boom, centerboard, and rudder. 

She was built in Canada, and there were substantial fleets in the 1970s in Toronto, Hamilton,  Surrey (British Columbia) and perhaps elsewhere. 

The class was very popular -- one boat had sail number 1426, suggesting that many lakes and harbors in Canada are graced with Rhodes Petrels.

The mast floats and is 20 feet tall and carries 100 square feet of sail in main and Genoa jib.  She has a planing hull and  will really scoot along in a moderate breeze, centreboard humming.  She has a kick-up centerboard and rudder.  The centerboard trunk has an oak top and the flip-up tiller is oak with a fold-away extension built in.  The transom is reinforced with plywood to accept a small outboard motor. 

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