Lake One Design

#416, 34' x 23'4" x 7'9" x 5'3"
racing one design sloop, 1937

This design was selected in a competition sponsored by the Lake Yacht Racing Association in 1937, for class competition in the Great Lakes, including distance racing in exposed water.  The Lake One Design was sweet and fast, but also strongly built, with offshore features including a self-bailing cockpit, a bridge deck, and powerful auxiliary.  She had rudimentary accommodations for three (lacking full standing headroom and un-enclosed head). Lake One's were built at many yards and spread from the Great Lakes to the Chesapeake and elsewhere. 

Design #441, the Rhodes 33 (1938), was an evolution of this concept for use primarily in Southern California, and Design #502, Evergreen, (1945) was a similar boat for Peuget Sound.

The photo above is of Brolga.  She was built in Australia in 1955 by Griffin boat builder and has a long and successful racing career.



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