Bounty II-Pearson Rhodes 41

Bounty II
Design Number 658 (1956)

40'10 x 28' x 10'3" x 5'9"

In 1956, Rhodes shrunk a Rhodes 29' lwl sloop (Altair)  to 28' lwl. to create the Bounty II.  She was 40'10" loa, with a 10'3"beam and 5'9" draft.   This was one of the first large stock auxiliary sailboats built in fiberglass.   She had a raised doghouse with large windows, a 7/8 sloop rig, and a fiberglass mast.  A yawl version was available.  Her engine was under the galley floorboards, and she had iron ballast.

Bounty II  was built by the Coleman Boat and Plastics Company (later Aeromarine Plastics Corporation) of Sausalito, CA.   (The Coleman company had built the Bounty in the 1940s, Bounty II was an obvious name for this new project.)  The boat was introduced in 1956 and exhibited in January 1957 at the New York Boat Show.

About a dozen hulls were finished by Palmer Johnson (in Wisconsin).  These boats are called "Palmer Johnson Bounties."  Given the standards and experience of Palmer Johnson, these versions of the Bounty were probably finished to a very high standard, beyond the normal standard of a regular fiberglass boat builder.  Palmer Johnson may have had their own hull numbers, so it is possible that Coleman boats and Palmer Johnson boats could bear the same hull number.  Palmer Johnson made some of the specialized hardware for the boat, and may be able to supply hardware now for restoration work. 

The Grumman company bought out Coleman in the early 1960s and in 1962 transferred the molds to the Pearson Company in Rhode Island, which Grumman had also bought. 

In 1963 Pearson modified the boat a bit and it became the Rhodes 41, discussed below.  It is not clear to me if Pearson built Bounty IIs in 1962, when they acquired the molds and before the design work for the Rhodes 41 was done.

Ultimately, more than 100 Bounty IIs were built, according to Dan Spurr (HEART OF GLASS).

Cruising World, April, 1999, pp. 116-118  article on the Bounty II.
Photos of Bounty IIs
Tiare racing competitively

Class contacts:

Carole <DnldBnt"at"> is organizing a Bounty II email network.  Sistership owners may wish to contact her.

Other owners:
    1. Bounty II hull 2:   Michael <mdarienzo"at">
    2. Thomas  <gdownin"at">

Nov. 7, 2006:
Bounty II, 1959,  hull #36, Endurance
now sailing out of Chicago.  contact Jeff.Batt"at"

Posted by Tom (tljsazarc"at"  Aug. 27, 2006: 
I have a Bounty 2 that I have owned since 1988.   I sail on Lake Superior out of Duluth MN.
I would enjoy any conversation. 

Posted by Deirdre <brenkat"at"> Jan 4, 2003
I have recently purchased a Bounty II hull no. 6 and would like information on updating her.  We are currently sailing out of Crosshaven, southern Ireland.

Posted by Colin Rees email: bus.field"at"
I own a Bounty II that I purchased in Boston in 1990
I then refitted the boat for an extensive offshore cruise. The boat has proved to be superb cruiser. We are now living in New Zealand. Would be pleased to offer advice to anyone considering purchasing one of these boats.

Posted by Tim Anderson  Email: shboats"at"
I recently purchased a 1959 Rhodes Bounty II. I am in the process of doing a complete refit on the boat in preparation for extensive off shore sailing and eventually a circumnavigation. The boat is a classic and she won the Chicago/Mac. race in the earlier 60's. I am trying to gather any information about the Rhodes
Bounty - are there any clubs or organizations out there?

From: "curtis collins" <hcicurtisc"at">  March 24, 2004
I own a 1958 Bounty II yawl Hull #37 (Tiare) in Hawaii.  I bought her in 1986 and have been sailing her each Friday night and race her off shore.   I have a Blast with her.  She has been my home for me and my cat Buddy.  Down wind with 5 sails up in 15 to 20 knots of wind,  what a ride!   I have lots of killer photos of Tiare surfing the Molokai channel.  BountyII are the strongest, funniest yachts around.  I am happy to share information about these fine yachts and exchange with other owners.
Tiare racing competitively
Curtis Collins

Jan. 8, 2002:
I own a Bounty II hull #5, Volunteer.  She is sailed out of
Annapolis.    Tom    mt.rainier.boatworks"at"

Nov. 11, 2002
From: "Jim Larson" <larson"at">
I am looking for a Rhodes Bounty II, preferably in good condition.   I had one about twenty years ago, on which I lived for 4 years and cruised through the Bahamas, Caribbean, and to the Med, and then back.  The cruising bug is back, and I have never lost my appreciation for this great little boat.  I would like to communicate with others about their experiences, how the boats have held up, and so forth.
Thanks, Jim Larson, Formerly of FRIA VIA, Pensacola, Fl

Nov. 1, 2003
"Carlos Mendes" <portobelo"at"> has just bought a Bounty II, based in the Carribean.

Bounty II (Red Devil) 1960 Port Townsend WA
contact former owner "Deja Webster" <deja"at"> photo
photos when she was last for sale:   click here for photos

June 10, 2004:
Our family has owned Bounty II Hull #2 named "Mehitabel", built by Coleman, since 1962.  She was previously owned by John Hughes who had named her "Ensis II" and competed in the 1958 Bermuda Race.
Though we have the Mfg.s oval plate w/hull # stamped into, I was taken aback by another posting on your site wherein Michael indicated he owned hull #2.  "Mehitabel" has so grown on us that we spent 2 years structurally rebuilding her after a 1996 Western Long
Island Sound storm stove in her starboard side.
Roger Shields <rogersshields"at"> photo

May 4, 2007, update Jan 9, 2008:
I am delighted to find other Bounty II owners on this website. I recently purchased Hull #8 built by Palmer Johnson in 1961. It was a Great Lakes boat and was bought to Texas in 2003. In 2006, the boat had an engine fire and their was substantial smoke and heat damage to some of the varnished wood. Engine is a"total", but planned to re-power with a Yanmar.   I sure would appreciate any suggestions on the re-engine process with this boat and a Yanmar.  She is now located on Lake Texoma in Texas.

By the way, Roger Shields raised the question about two #2 hulls. I think that Palmer Johnson and Coleman had the own hull numbers. So, there could be duplicate hull numbers on Bounties.
I really look forward to getting her back in the water and bringing her back to life.
I hope you keep up this site until you find someone willing and qualified to maintain it in your stead.
Thanks again.
George Barker 
Dallas, Texas

June 30, 2007
From: Robert Ball <butchball"at">
I have owned my Bounty II for 30 years.. restored many to 
talk with other owners..I will post pictures later...I sail the
Chesapeake Bay from Norfolk Va to Baltimore Md....our home berth is 
Deltaville Va..   Hope to hear from someone.  Photo of Layla

Sept  6, 2007
From: goldwins"at"
Ahoy!  I have owned TELEIA, Bounty II #13,  since 1974.  She is 50 this year, and w/ me here in Annapolis.  Cheers, Goldwin

Jan 5, 2011
Matt Malone has purchased Soceress, thought to be #4, and is fixing her up in Toronto Canada, for Great Lakes sailing at first.
Here are some interesting photos showing a home-made hoist to unload his boat from a truck.
m_Xj_Xmalone at hoXtmaiXl dot com. Remove the X's for the real address.

May 5, 2011
We have been restoring Glass Slipper (hull 17) for the past year, and we are almost done.  We are getting very excited about finally being able to sail her. 
Karalee Hammes

Oct. 2, 2012
Hi my name is Roeland, I own a Rhodes Bounty II in New Zealand, she is in original condition to my knowledge and love the boat.  I haven't seen any other here yet but always keep an eye out for them. I have attached a photo of her, she lies in Opua Bay of islands.


Rhodes 41

In 1962 the Bounty II molds were bought by Pearson and was used to make the Rhodes 41.  Pearson asked Rhodes to "tweak" the design, partly to ensure that she was optimized with regard to the revisions of the C.C.A. rules in 1962.  Rhodes made some subtle changes in 1963.  The ballast was changed from iron to lead, giving the boat more stability.  This enabled Rhodes to increase the sail area by giving her a masthead rig and moving the mast back a bit to enable larger head sails.  Rhodes felt that this was a more efficient and faster rig.  The new boat was given slightly more freeboard to give more interior volume.  The main cabin and galley were enlarged (at the expense of the forward cabin) and the dog-house was given two smaller windows.  Finally, the engine was lifted out of the bilge and put behind the companionway, to be more accessible and to enable installation of a diesel engine.  These revisions to the Bounty II did not merit a new design number.  The Rhodes 41 was offered with a yawl option.

Pearson built about 50 Rhodes 41s, ending in 1968.

Rhodes 41 RESTLESS WON the 2000 Bermuda Race!

Photo: Grenidlade (see description below:)

The Rhodes 41 is a wonderful ocean cruiser.  Hull  #7, So Long, is owned by Susanne Huber.  She bought her in Bequia in the Caribbean in 2000 (third owner), and has been single-handing her across oceans to lovely places, in tandem with her husband who single-hands behind her in his smaller, slower boat. (report Jan 18, 2008)


June 17, 2008

I have Pearson Rhodes #37, now "Hotspur," berthed in Marion, Ma.  I have been racing her for two years now and placed third in our fleet last year, and have placed first in the PHRF cruising fleet twice already this year. I also placed third in the Buzzards Bay Tower Race in 2007, competing in the spinnaker class.

Our rating is PHRF 159 for racing and 174 or cruising.  I added a babystay on a lever which brings the boat back to its original 7/8 fractional jib on those famous windy Buzzards Bay summer afternoons.  The boat handles like a dream, and with careful balance for wind velocity, she leaps like a stag.  Last Friday on the way to Woods Hole we clocked 7.5 knots to windward in 14 knots with a 135 jib and a single reef in the main.

Ron Wisner   RWisn"at"

    We have a Rhodes 41 named GRENIDLADE. It's had a significant amount of refitting. It was repowered with a Yanmar 3GM30F (I noted your comments) that is very economical (I've filled twice in the two and a half  years we've owned the boat) but it tops out under 6 knots. The prior owner redid the interior, electrical, plumbing, rebedding, hull paint, A/C, standing rigging and all topside teak (including the toerails). I've put new sails, ProFurl genoa furler and a new boom on the boat.
    The boat has always been on Galveston Bay. We're the fifth owners. Interestingly the original owner is a member of Houston Yacht Club (where we belong), but we didn't know the connection before we bought the boat. One of our older friends at the club turns out to have crewed on the boat when it was new.
In fall 2000, we placed first in class and fleet (125 boats in cruising non-spinnaker) in the Harvest Moon Regatta (Galveston to Port Aransas) this fall. Not quite the Bermuda race, but still the largest event on the Gulf Coast.
Brad   email:  <bc-larson"at">

Report on JUBILEE

We are just completing 5 yrs of rebuilding and upgrading our Rhodes-41, JUBILEE, Hull 22.  We gutted the interior, lowered the V-berth bunks for easier access and more headroom, enlarged the cramped head and installed new toilet, lockers and drawer stacks out of cherry with granite look corian countertops in lav and galley. A new refrigerator/freezer and deep double sink improved the galley.  The horseshoe settee arrangement was replaced with a portside pilot berth, curved settees allowing more floorspace for new teak & holly floors throughout. All new cabinetry is cherry. Teak toerails, combing boards, winches, anchor windlass, Pro-furl, and steering wheel are new.  We replaced the wooden boom with an aluminum one and kept the old Aries windvane and wind generator.

The boat started out in California, cruised the South Pacific, then made her way to the Gulf Coast of Florida where we bought the boat after a hurricane put her up on a concrete piling that just scratched the gelcoat and nothing else.  She's now on the Georgia coast getting ready for the Bahamas for a start.  We are the 4th owners.
Richard & Mary   <MCNAGEL"at">

R41 Hull#3
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000
 I own a Pearson-Rhodes 41, Hull #3

R41 Hull#8:

R41, Hourglass
Another well-travelled 1965/66(?) PR41 for your collection. My son and I have spent last couple seasons restoring her. Hull #34 SV Hourglass (changed by previous owner, was formerly SV Nimbus) Moored Bay of Islands New Zealand.

A dedicated website would be great; the boats have a great reputation as good looking sea kindly cruiser/racers.

Email:, Jan 6, 2013

 Rhodes 41 Hull #34 (1966)  Hourglass is in New Zealand

I have recently obtained R41 hull #27,Wind River. Any information on converting from Atomic 4 gas engine to diesel would be very helpful, thanks Mike, (Feb. 2013)


I am interest in buying a Pearson 41'.   I am also interested in possibly trading partial equity for my 1968 Alberg 30, lying Everett Marina, Washington, on Puget Sound, near the San Juan  Islands - which I set up for entering the Single Handed Transpac. 
contact:   (Feb. 2013)

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