Nathan Stavin's Inlaws (1910)
Passover seder at the home of Nathan's wife, Esther Volk, before they were married.
Sarah        Albert Leonard    Sussman                     Jacob           unknown   Hanna  Ettie(Esther)  Becky

Sussman Volk who is seated at the head of the table in his white kittel.  Sussman was a community leader and owner of the delicatessen at 88 Delancy Street.

To Sussman's left, wearting a bow tie, is his second son, Jacob Volk. We do not know the elderly man. The girls are Hannah, Ettie and Becky, in that order. Scooting around the table, the fellow in the newsboy cap is Leonard who had hydrocephaly. (The sisters would take him downstairs for air and he would get stoned.) To Leonard's left sits Sarah, Sussman's wife, the matriarch. And between Sarah and Sussman is Albert A. Volk, Sussman's  first son. 

The only Stavin in this photo is a future Stavin,  Etta. 

(Note: This caption is provided by Patty Volk, grandaughter of Jacob Volk.)