New "Smart" Classrooms
for the Boyer College

The Boyer College of Music and Dance recently added two high tech "smart" classrooms to its classroom facilities, bringing the total number of computer-equipped multimedia teaching classrooms in the College to four. Additionally, the College houses a number of computer laboratories with multiple workstations for faculty and student projects and teaching in music and dance.

"Smart" classrooms are computer workstations that consist of an instructional teaching podium equipped with multimedia hardware and software to enhance the learning experiences of music and dance students at Temple. Thus, Boyer College of Music and Dance students enjoy the benefits of learning from faculty who teach classes using state-of-the-art multimedia equipment. For example, using high-speed Internet connections in the classroom, professors can project live, real-time searches of the World Wide Web onto a large screen in the front of the room or present multimedia lectures and demonstrations using the workstation.

Some of the equipment located in one or more of the "smart" classrooms include:
  • Power Mac G4 and G5 multimedia-enhanced computers running OS X
  • High-speed T1 Internet access
  • Document cameras that enable professors to project images from a document cart onto the large screen in the front of the classroom. Scores and other documents can be projected at a magnification that everyone in the class can view simultaneously.
  • CD/DVD players
  • VCR players
  • Cassette players
  • Laptop hookups
  • MIDI keyboards for music synthesis
  • Electronic Whiteboard that projects onto the large classroom screen whatever the instructor writes or draws on the Whiteboard