Arts and Quality of Life Research Center
Receives $300,000 Grant

The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center has just received approval of its grant application of $300,000 through the State of Pennsylvania Formula Fund. Four research projects will be supported with these monies, all of which focus on enhancing the quality of emotional care for multicultural inpatients with cancer or heart disease through the arts. The specific research projects are as follows:

  • Determining Emotional Support and Coping Needs of Patients with Cancer or Heart Disease
  • Creative, Culturally-Informed Approaches for Addressing Emotional and Physical Parameters, Quality of Life and Hospital Satisfaction of Multicultural Inpatients with Cancer or Heart Disease
  • Creative Approaches for Reducing Burnout in Medical Personnel, and
  • Establishing a Comprehensive Database on Arts and the Quality of Life for Professionals and the General Public.

These projects will begin in Spring, 2005 and will be completed during the next 30 months at Temple Hospital and the Main Campus. Dr. Cheryl Dileo will oversee the entire grant, and along with Drs. Kenneth Bruscia and Darlene Brooks, will be responsible for a specific research project.

These studies are among the first to investigate the emotional needs of multicultural hospital patients, the influence that music therapy may have on their health and quality of life issues as well as the effect of music therapy on burnout of the staff members who care for them. In addition, the grant will allow the development of the first, searchable database concerning the arts and quality of life.