The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

Boyer College of Music and Dance

Temple University

Dean Robert Stroker is pleased to announce the establishment of The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center based in the Boyer College of Music and Dance. Dr. Cheryl Dileo, Professor of Music Therapy, currently serves as the Director of the Center.

 Purpose and Areas of Focus of the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

The purpose of this interdisciplinary center is to promote research, training and demonstration projects involving the use of the arts to enhance quality of life. Any or all of the human domains (cognitive, developmental, psychological, social, physical, spiritual, aesthetic) may be influenced in a positive manner by the arts, and these effects contribute to a better quality of life. Participants in this interdisciplinary center include Music, Dance, Health Studies, Medicine, Social Work, Counseling Psychology, Institute on Disabilities, Temple Hospital and Center for Community Partnerships.

Areas of Focus of the New Center

  • To support and facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary quantitative, qualitative, historical and aesthetic research concerning the use of the arts in the promotion of quality of life within a multicultural society.
  • To provide training for faculty and students 1) in research and grantsmanship, and 2) concerning the relationship between the arts and quality of life.
  • To provide demonstration service programs through collaborative partnerships within Temple and its neighboring communities.
  • To disseminate information and research results nationally and internationally through seminars, conferences, publications and a web site.
  • To attract and recruit outstanding faculty, scholars, researchers and students to the University.
  • To provide an interdisciplinary forum for faculty and students wherein relevant topics may be discussed, and plans for future research may be supported.



Core Components of the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

  • The Administrative Core will include a project development program to facilitate collaborations both within and outside of the College and University, to oversee the work of the Center, to secure funding for the Center, and to plan for Center growth.
  • The Research Core will administer a competitive research incentive seed grant program to support faculty disciplinary and interdisciplinary research endeavors relevant to the center. Seed grants will be used to fund the collection of pilot data to enhance more formal applications for external funding.
  • The Training Core will stimulate research by: developing mentoring relationships with both faculty and students, providing essential research skills, and developing technical writing and grantsmanship competencies. This Core will also organize seminars for faculty and students, conferences and oversee a Visiting Scholars Program.
  • The Service Core will establish time-limited as well as ongoing service programs at: 1) Temple and 2) within the community. These programs may serve as potential research sites for Temple investigators.
  • The Technical Core will provide statistical and computer support to the Center and maintain a database and web site. It will also provide assistance with IRB applications.



Faculty Working Group of the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

Dr. Cheryl Dileo, Music Therapy

Dr. Beth Bolton, Music Education

Dr. Diane Bryen, Temple Institute on Disabilities

Dr. Tom Gordon, Public Health

Mr. Mark Huxsoll, Music Preparatory Division

Dr. Walter Jordan-Davis, Temple University Partnership Schools

Dr. Luke Kahlich, Department of Dance

Dr. Suni Peterson, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Sally Rosen, Medical School

Dr. Rosalie Schofield, Social Work

Dr. Ellen Tedaldi, Temple Hospital


For further information on “The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center,” please contact:

Dr. Cheryl Dileo

Phone: 215-204-8542

Email: cdileo@temple.edu