French Propaganda - WWI
I have translated (very roughly) the key phrases from each of the French posters below.  I will also indicate, where necessary, what some of the imagery refers to.
Text: "Week of the Charente Infre" 
Charente Inferieur is a region in France.  This might be a reference to a folk festival or perhaps a tribute to soldiers from that region. Since it is wartime, the military imagery of the regimental drummer is brought in. 
A clear reference to the Revolutionary spirit of 1789 (the hat, the tricolor cockade and clothing, the stockings).
Text: "For the Flag!  For Victory! 
Subscribe to the National Loan. 
Subscriptions available at the National Credit Bank." 
Notice the similarity to some imagery from the Revolution of 1789.
Text:  "They shall not pass! 
Two times I have held and been victorious on the Marne.  My civilian brother, the underhanded offensive of the "white peace" is going to assail you all.  Like me, you will need to hold and be victorious, be strong and cunning.  Don't trust the hypocrisy of the German." 
The Marne river was the site of an important battle in 1914 in which the French turned back the massive German offensive which began the war.  Again in the spring of 1918, the Germans reached the Marne but were turned back.  This poster encourages civilians not to lose confidence and grasp at the latest peace offerings of the Germans.
Text: "2 Scourges: The Germans/Tuberculosis 
The German Eagle will be Vanquished. 
Tuberculosis can be too!" 
The eagle was the symbol of the Germany (just like our own bald eagle).  The word "boche" which you see sprinkled around is an ethnic slur to describe the Germans.
Text: "'Let's Get 'Em' Subscribe to the 2nd National Defense Loan."