Rights I :The Catholic Church & Democratic Principles  Rights IX: A Constitution for the Catholic Church  Rights XVII: Catholic Justice Fails Married Priests 
Rights II : Inactive Priests & Sacramental Validity  Rights X: Petrine Monarchy or Christian Equality?  Rights XVIII: Nostalgia No Guide for Church Reform 
Rights III: Conscience & Contraception  Rights XI: Thoughts on the New Catholic Catechism  Rights XIX: Please God, Not 'Restoration'! 
Rights IV: Divorce, Remarriage, & a Church of Generosity &Compassion Rights XII: Due Process, theVatican, & ARCC  Rights XX: Mandatory Celibacy: Communion on the End of a Stick 
Rights V: Marriage without Children?  Rights XIII: Mandatory Celibacy--a Splitting of Church & World?  Rights XXI: The Laity's "Vote": The Doctrine of Reception 
Rights VI: Catholic Theologians & Academic Freedom  Rights XIV : How Can ARCC Talk About "Rights"?  Rights XXII: Theologians' Search for Truth Still Not Free 
Rights VII: Celibacy & Pedophilia  Rights XV: No Eucharistic Sacrifice if Women Excluded  Rights XXIII: Catholics Have a Right to a Renewed Church 
Rights VIII: Church as Hierarchy or Communion  Rights XVI: Catholic Hierarchy Fails Catholic Workers  Rights XXIV: Theology of the Trinity is the Basis for Reform
Rights XXV: Rights of Catholics Basic to Full Christian Life Rights XXVI: Catholic “Caste” Distorts Christ’s Gospel  Rights XXVII: Is “Dissent” Catholic Or Even Christian?

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