The Marietta Bushnell Boyer

Conference Travel Award


(established November 2000)



Purpose of award:

The purpose of the travel award is to provide financial help to enable a member of the Delaware Valley Chapter to attend an ARLIS/NA annual or regional conference.

The travel award is to be named in honor of Marietta Bushnell Boyer, a founding member of the Delaware Valley Chapter, to honor her work in the Chapter and in ARLIS/NA, and especially her encouragement and support of art librarians new to the profession. In the publicity about the award, information about Marietta and her career should be included.

It is expected that an award will be made annually. However, if the chapter does not have sufficient funds in a particular year, or if the year's annual/regional conference site is close to the Delaware Valley, no award will be made. Instead, the available funds will be rolled over for award in the following year. The total amount awarded and the number of recipients may vary from year to year.


Funding and accounting

The primary source of funding for the award will be voluntary contributions from ARLIS/NA Delaware Valley Chapter members, to be solicited at the time annual dues are collected. Additional funds may be provided from the Chapter treasury if authorized by a vote of the Chapter's Executive Committee. Contributions from sources outside the Chapter will be welcome.

The Chapter Secretary-Treasurer will keep a record of the travel award funds as a separate distributional category in the Chapter's main bank account, rather than maintaining a separate account for them.

Amount of the award

The amount of the award will vary from year to year, depending on funds raised. At a minimum, the award should cover the basic conference registration fee. There is no maximum amount for any single award or for any year's total of awards.


An award applicant must have been a member of ARLIS/NA for at least one year, and must be a current, dues-paying member of both ARLIS/NA and the ARLIS/Delaware Valley Chapter.




Among eligible applicants, preference will be given to:

  1. First-time conference attendees
  2. Chapter officers
  3. Conference speakers and moderators
  4. ARLIS/NA committee members
  5. Applicants with no institutional funding


The award may not be given to the same person two years in succession.

Duties of an award recipient:

The recipient of a travel award must submit a written report about the conference attended to the Chapter's Secretary-Treasurer. This report may be disseminated in the next Chapter newsletter and/or as an addendum to the Chapter minutes. The recipient may also be asked to give an oral report at the next Chapter meeting after the conference.

Administration of the award:

A Travel Award Committee, consisting of three of the four members of the Chapter's Executive Committee for the year before that in which the award is to be granted, will choose its own chairperson, examine the applications, choose the winner(s) of the award, and submit its decision to the Chapter President.

In addition to assessing an applicant's eligibility, as outlined above, the Travel Award Committee will consider the following questions in making its decisions : 1) What will the applicant gain professionally from attending the conference? 2) What will the Delaware Valley Chapter gain from the applicant's conference attendance? 3) What will ARLIS/NA gain from the applicant's conference attendance?

The Chapter President will inform the award winner(s) of the amount of the award(s) and ask for acceptance in writing, in accordance with the timetable outlined below.



Timetable of award administration

Applications, either electronic or on paper, for a travel award for attendance at an ARLIS/NA annual conference generally will be due in December of the preceding year, shortly after the preliminary conference program has been sent to all ARLIS/NA members. The year's Travel Award Committee will set a deadline by which the then-current Secretary-Treasurer must have received all applications on behalf of the Committee. It is expected that, by that time, the Secretary-Treasurer also will have received most dues and voluntary payments for the coming year and so will know what member-contributed funds are available for the making of an award. The Chapter Executive Committee can then decide whether the Chapter will supplement that amount with money from its unrestricted funds. The Travel Award Committee will determine whether more than one award is to be given for the coming conference (taking into consideration funds available, location of conference, etc.).

The travel award rules and the deadline for receipt of applications should be publicized to all Chapter members electronically and, if necessary, by U.S. mail, and in particular should be mentioned in the announcement of the Fall Chapter meeting. That also can be an occasion to emphasize that the amount available for awards is based on the voluntary contributions accompanying Chapter dues, thereby encouraging members to make such contributions.

In any year in which a grant for attendance at an ARLIS/NA annual conference is to be awarded, the Travel Award Committee must have met and chosen the awardees by mid-January, to allow time for acceptance or refusal, any offer to alternate candidates, and the various replies. The Committee's decision(s) should be submitted to the Chapter President, who will inform the awardee(s) in writing of the amount of the award(s).

Awardees will be given a reasonable deadline, by which they must respond in writing to the Chapter Secretary-Treasurer accepting or refusing the award. If an awardee requests time to seek additional funding, a mutually-acceptable deadline for response will be negotiated.

If the Travel Award Committee's first choice of awardee declines the award or fails to meet the response deadline, an alternative person must be notified and must accept in writing, as outlined above.

Upon receiving written acceptance of the award, the Chapter Secretary-Treasurer will prepare a check and mail it to the awardee not less than two weeks prior to the starting date of the conference.

In the event that applications for attendance at an ARLIS/NA regional conference are expected, a similar appropriate time line will be established by the Travel Award Committee, with all other procedures as stated above.