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History 67
The United States, 1600 to 1877

Mission and Method

This course will introduce you to the history of the United States from pre colonial times to 1877.  It will cover basic facts, concepts, and themes, concentrating on migration, diversity, and individual freedom as special features of the early American experience. It will teach you what it means to study history and why history is an important subject in modern times.  At the end of the course students should be able to recognize a historical argument when they see one, be familiar with the most important people, ideas, and events of early American history, and understand their significance for today.  They should be able to write a short historical essay using facts to support a generalization.

Students in this course will participate actively in their education.  They will engage the instructor and each other in classroom discussion and write regularly about what they are studying.  They will search the Internet for primary source materials relevant to course content and apply what they learn from studying those materials to course lectures, readings, reports and discussions.


To be successful in this class you must do the assignments described below.  They are designed to help you come to class prepared to be an active participant in your own education.  You should expect to spend at least three hours a week outside class doing the reading and writing.  Since you will be doing regular work on the Internet, you should not wait long to decide when and how you will go online from week to week.

Required Reading

Short Paper

Weekly Report



Academic Honesty


Schedule of Classes
Week One Introduction 1/16-1/18
Week Two Exploration and Conquest 1/23-1/25
Week Three Colonial America 1/30-2/1
Week Four Provincial America 2/6-2/8
Week Five The American Revolution 2/13-2/15
Week Six The Early Republic, I 2/20-2/22
Week Seven The Early Republic, II 2/27
Week Eight Economic Expansion 3/13-3/15
Week Nine Jacksonian Democracy 3/20-3/22
Week Ten Domesticity and Reform 3/27-3/29
Week Eleven Westward Expansion 4/3-4/5
Week Twelve Slavery and Sectionalism 4/10-4/12
Week Thirteen Secession and Civil War 4/17-4/19
Week Fourteen Reconstruction 4/24-4/26
Week Fifteen Special Assignment 5/1