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Self PortraitGrowing up in the suburbs of South Jersey has taught me one thing, never to admit being a Jersey Girl.

At age 3 I picked up my Mom's Canon 35mm and began shooting.

Photography and I go way back.

Writing came later.

During the first grade I learned about basic, simple forms of poetry. Since then picking up a pen and putting it to paper has been my favorite activity. More than long walks on the beach and puppies, this is what really puts a smile on my face, the process of putting physical objects and events into descriptive words.

Not until recently that I took my love of language and put it to good use. As a means of removing the feeling of stagnancy which had permeated my life, I created this website. Up until now I was just a whiner, complaining that I wasn't doing anything with my life and I was going to be 40 and still living in my Mom's basement. From now on, this is no option. I'm going for it, and you should too. This is the beginning. This is where I actually make an attempt at "doing something" with my life. This website is my beginning and will grow just as I plan to as a journalist and an artist.

So with that being said, it is my hope that you too will go for it. Whatever "it" may be.