Cons of the Draft
Kaihli Ross

The reasons against reinstating the
draft are as follows:

* U.S. military already recruits and retains enough people to meet its requirements. If the military was ever unable to continue to fulfill its recruitment quota, they could easily increase pay and other benefits in order to attract more people, rather than reinstating the draft.

* Volunteer soldiers, marines and other members of the armed services are better motivated than their drafted counterparts. Having an all-volunteer force ensures a highly motivated force while a conscript force would have many more members with poor morale.

* Racial makeup of the U.S. military is roughly comparable to society at large, and therefore not as disproportionally represented as many proponents believe it to be.

Famous Opponents of the draft reinstatement include:

President George Bush who stated, "We will not have a draft, so long as I
am president of the United States."

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld spoke out publicly on the matter noting that
he believed a draft to be unnecessary and inappropriate.

"It ain't going to happen," said Lawrence Korb, a former assistant
secretary of defense in the Reagan administration

For more information about the negative aspects of reinstating
the draft, check out these websites.