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3 November 2016
The Hsieh Lab is excited to welcome a new member to its youngest ranks: Otto Akseli Mazouch Pfeiffenberger was born at 3:28AM, weighing in at 6 lbs 5 oz, to graduate students Nicole Mazouchova and Janne Pfeiffenberger. A hearty congratulations to the new parents and a warm welcome to little Otto!!

8 July 2016
Tonia is interviewed on The Pulse, by reporter Todd Bookman, about how she helped to discover the mechanism of gecko adhesion, way back when she was an undergraduate student. This interview is airing TODAY at 9AM EST on Philadelphia's WHYY (90.9 FM), and then again on Sunday at noon. If you miss both broadcasts, you can also read, and listen to it here.

20 May 2016
The You're the Expert live radio show, featuring Tonia Hsieh is released on WBUR. Hear the episode here!

22 January 2016
The Hsieh lab is excited to welcome its youngest, and newest member yet! Tonia gave birth to Sydney Fei-Li Armstrong at 8:50PM, weighing in at a hefty 5 lb, 15 oz. Mother, daughter, and father are all doing excellently.

3-7 January 2016
The Hsieh lab storms Portland, OR for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference! Kudos to Aja Carter, Michael Fath, Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger for giving engaging poster and oral presentations!

12 November 2015
Our manuscript entitled, "Tail loss and narrow surfaces decrease locomotor stability in the arboreal green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis)" is accepted for publication at The Journal of Experimental Biology. Anticipated publication date: February 2016!

8 November 2015
Tonia Hsieh is given the Temple University William Caldwell Memorial Distinguished Teaching Award at the 2015 Distinguished Faculty Awards Ceremony!

7 November 2015
The Hsieh lab attends the first annual Northeast Regional DVM/DCB conference, held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology! Students Larry Gardner, Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger present their research results.

8 September 2015
Tonia Hsieh is awarded a 3-year, $498K NSF NRT grant (DGE-1545309) as a co-PI to complete the project, "NRT-IGE: Innovating Graduate STEM Education Through Bio-Social Partnerships". This grant is being led by Dr. Allison Hayes-Conroy from the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University!

19 August 2015
Tonia Hsieh is awarded a 5-year, $991K CAREER grant from NSF (IOS-1453106) to complete the project, "The Multi-functional Foot and its Role in Locomotor Control Across a Range of Complex Media"!

11 August 2015
Tonia Hsieh and collaborator Dr. Daniel Szyld (Dept of Mathematics) are awarded a 2-year grant for $100,000 through Temple University's Office of the Vice President of Research Administration (OVPR) Matching Funds Program to complete the project: "Understanding Deformation Patterns of Suspensions and Granular Material"!

16-17 July 2015
Tonia Hsieh presented a talk at the RSS 2015 workshop on Robotic Uses for Tails in Rome, Italy, titled, "Impacts of Tail Loss and Surface Breadth on Running Stability in a Tree-Dwelling Lizard".

11 May 2015
Tonia Hsieh gave a talk at Science on Tap at the National Mechanics bar in Old City. There was strong attendance by more than 120 people!

16 April 2015
Undergraduates Larry Gardner and Alina Gawlinski present their research findings at the prestigious annual Temple University Research Forum (TURF)!

16 March 2015
Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University) gives the Biology Department's weekly seminar on "Neuromechanics and Energetics of Unsteady Locomotion in Fishes".

Graduate student Catalina Mantilla arrives for a three day visit to the lab, from Florida International University, where she is working on her Ph.D. with Dr. Phil Stoddard as her advisor.

29-30 January 2015
Tonia Hsieh attends the NSF-funded Neuromechanics Winter Workshop she co-organized with Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University), held this year in New Orleans. Many thanks to all the great discussions and fascinating presentations!

3-7 January 2015
The Hsieh lab attends the SICB conference, held this year in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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