Lab News

21 January 2014
Welcome back, Temple! First day of the spring semester begins, bringing new courses AND new faces. The Hsieh Lab is pleased to welcome Larry Gardner and Alina Gawlinski as new undergraduate researchers, as well as Noah Beller, a Kinesiology masters student, who will bring a more human perspective to the lab!

3-7 January 2014
Hsieh Lab invades Austin, TX, for the annual Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology conference. Janne Pfeiffenberger presents a splendid talk on the effects of limb autotomy on running performance in free-range ghost crabs. Read the abstract here!

1 July 2013
Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova's Masters research results are featured in NSF's Science Now, Episode 14! This research was completed in Dr. Dan Goldman's Crab Lab at Georgia Tech.

23 May 2013
A paper on terrestrial locomotion in teleost fishes, co-authored by Alice Gibb (NAU), Miriam Ashley-Ross (Wake Forest), and Tonia Hsieh, is now available as Advance Access in Integrative and Comparative Biology. Read the paper here.

20-24 May 2013
The Hsieh Lab is thrilled to welcome three new talented undergraduate researchers: Emily Dabashinsky, Eric Tran, and Raphael Nwanguma!

12-16 May 2013
Undergraduates Vishal Dasari, Dallas Malzi, and Matt Schmoyer fledge the lab. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck! We miss you!! Watch the Alumni section of the People page for updates on their whereabouts!

9 May 2013
The introduction to the vertebrate water-land transition symposium is published in Integrative and Comparative Biology as Advance Access. See the paper through the ICB website here.

23 April 2013
Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova's paper, "Flipper driven terrestrial locomotion of a sea turtle inspired robot", is published in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics! See the paper here. You can also see all the hub-bub on the airwaves about her work here.

12 February 2013
Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova is awarded the Archie Carr Student Award for best student presentation at the International Sea Turtle Society Conference, held this year in Baltimore, MD! Her winning talk is titled: "Effects of granular incline angle on the locomotion of loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings (Caretta caretta) in the field". Congratulations, Nicole!!

27 January 2013
One of the Hsieh lab's founding undergraduates (who continued on to complete a Masters degree in Computer Science), and webmaster for lizardbase Yu Liang has accepted a job with Amazon in Seattle. We are sad to see him go, but SO PROUD of his incredible accomplishments while a member of the Hsieh Lab and lizardbase. Congratulations, Yu, and we wish you all the best!!

3-7 January 2013
The Hsieh Lab headed to San Francisco for the annual SICB conference. Drs. Frank Nelson and Kyle Mara, and graduate students Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger presented their research findings. Collaborators Drs. Chen Li, Daniel Goldman, and Paul Umbanhowar presented data showing how zebra-tailed lizards use water-like running dynamics on sand. Members of the Anolis Collaborative (led by undergraduate Inbar Maayan) presented a poster on the evolutionary genetics of divergent locomotor strategies in Panamanian anoles. Dr. Tonia Hsieh and collaborators (Alice Gibb [NAU], Miriam Ashley-Ross [Wake Forest], and Rick Blob [Clemson]) led a society-wide symposium on vertebrate water-land transitions.

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