Lab News

11 May 2015
Tonia Hsieh will be giving a talk at Science on Tap at the National Mechanics bar in Old City, from 6PM to 7PM (Facebook event listing). Try to arrive by 5PM to grab a seat as these events fill up quickly! We hope to see you there!

16 April 2015
Undergraduates Larry Gardner and Alina Gawlinski present their research findings at the prestigious annual Temple University Research Forum (TURF)!

16 March 2015
Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University) gives the Biology Department's weekly seminar on "Neuromechanics and Energetics of Unsteady Locomotion in Fishes".

Graduate student Catalina Mantilla arrives for a three day visit to the lab, from Florida International University, where she is working on her Ph.D. with Dr. Phil Stoddard as her advisor.

29-30 January 2015
Tonia Hsieh attends the NSF-funded Neuromechanics Winter Workshop she co-organized with Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University), held this year in New Orleans. Many thanks to all the great discussions and fascinating presentations!

3-7 January 2015
The Hsieh lab attends the SICB conference, held this year in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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