Associate Professor
                               Department of Chemistry
                                     Temple University


    B.S., 1994, National and Kapodistrian University of  Athens, Greece;
    Ph.D., 2000, The Ohio State University;
    Postdoctoral fellow, 2000-2003, Johns Hopkins University.

    2005 NSF CAREER Award


    Research Interest:

   * Conical intersections and nonadiabatic effects
   * Photophysical behavior of DNA/RNA bases
   * QM/MM methodology for studying solvation in excited states
   * Understanding laser control of molecular dynamics




Department of Chemistry
Temple University
13th and Norris Streets
Philadelphia PA 19122

Voice: 215-204-7703 
Fax: 215-204-1532






Welcome to the Matsika group!

Matsika group, Spring 2015

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News and Recent Events

  • Dr. Vincent Spata defended his PhD on  April 17, 2016. Congratulations Dr. Spata!
  • Our paper on DNA photolyase is accepted at Chemistry-A European Journal
  • Our paper on pyrrolocytosine is accepted to Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. Congratulations Quynh on your first first author paper!
  • Congratulations to Salsabil Abou-Hatab for graduating from Temple University with her B.Sc. in Chemistry!
  • We are extremely proud of our undergraduate students in the group! Recent achievements:
    • Chey Jones is spending Summer 2016 at Stanford doing research in Prof. Martinez's group
    • Quynh Nguyen is awarded a 2016 NSF GRFP. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Cat Triandafillou, who graduated in Spring 2013, had been awarded an 2014 NSF GRFP as well.
    • Stephen Meloni and JingXin Liang have been honorary mentioned for the NSF GRFP.
    • Collectively our undergraduates have published 9 papers, almost always as first authors.