Robert J. Flaherty: A Biography

Paul Rotha
Edited by Jay Ruby
University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia 1983

 Thanks to Kendall Roark, Kimberly Dukes and Stephanie Takaragawa for the efforts in converting this book into a web document.



Portrait by Oliver St. John Gogerty


Introduction by Jay Ruby

Some Flaherty Sayings

Chapter 1 - The North and Nanook

Chapter 2 - Moana and the Pacific

Chapter 3 - Europe, England, and the Atlantic

Chapter 4 - India and the Elephants

Chapter 5 - United States and the Land

Chapter 6 - Louisiana Story

Chapter 7 - Man and Artist

Appendix I - The Films of Robert J. Flaherty

Appendix II - Some Flaherty Stories

Appendix III - On the Record

Appendix IV - Notes by John Goldman