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Bibliographic Assistant at Temple Law Library.

Here are some of the people I work with:

My boss, Law Library Director, John Necci


Head of the Acquisitions Dept., Paul Carino


Former Computer Lab Manager, Mary Arnold


Head of Law School Computer Services, Shyam Nair


And some guy

I'm only kidding.  It's Dan Henderson and he's a great guy.

Here are Paul Carino, Eva Benenson (my mother), and I at the Law Library's Cruise Ship Party in celebration of National Library Week on April 19, 2002


Here is most of the Law Library staff at the same party.  Left to right are Rose Endozo, me, Steve Pavlo, Jeff Gechman, Ethel Fiderer, Mary Arnold, John Necci, Janice McDonnell, and Noa Kaumeheiwa.


Click the logo for general information about Temple University.

I am a resident of the Pennypack section of Northeast Philadelphia.

For the City of Philadelphia's official website, click here.

I was born in the Bronx in 1949, moved to Irvington, New Jersey in 1951, moved to the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia in 1965, moved to Pennypack in 1983. I'm a 1967 graduate of George Washington High School.

I'm Jewish and encourage all Jews to realize how important it is to take their Judaism seriously.  Don't take an "all or nothing" attitude by thinking that, if you can't be "perfect" and keep all the mitzvoth all the time, you shouldn't try to keep any of them.  Do what you can.  If you feel motivated to increase your level of observance, all the better.  Maven is a sort of "Jewish Yahoo" ("JewHoo"?) with lots of links to sites of Jewish interest.  Another great site is Chabad.org.   And for a great selection of Jewish literature, be sure to visit Artscroll.com.

I love music, especially rock 'n' roll, and especially doo-wop, but I find much to enjoy in almost all forms of music. For example, I can't think of any music I like more than the score of Les Miserables. I also have a very soft spot in my heart for the late Laura Nyro, whose work gave me a great deal of pleasure in the late '60's and '70's. There is an official Laura Nyro website . For a wide-ranging site covering many aspects of the Philly music scene, click here.

I'm a big fan of television, as well. Some of my favorite shows are The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, Family Guy,  and The Drew Carey Show.  I'm also a fan of Star Trek in all its incarnations, but, since there must be as many Star Trek websites as there are light-years from the Delta Quadrant to the corner of Broad & Montgomery, I won't give any links here to them. TV Guide has a very good website where you can find listings, articles, games, and links to Fox and other Rupert Murdoch-owned properties.  I do, however, want to give special mention to a site honoring one of the wackiest and most entertaining shows ever: The Uncle Floyd Show.  I'm proud to say I once had a picture I sent in displayed on the "Voice of the Viewers" display board for all of New Jersey and the surrounding states to see!  Of course I was only 34 1/2 back then.

I also spend a good deal of time listening to the radio and am a big fan of Howard Stern, the King of All Media.

Here's me in June 2000 with Stuttering John, Beetlejuice, and Gary Dell'abate:


Jackie "the Jokeman" Martling, Howard's former chief writer (maybe I'm the only one, but I miss him) and recipient of far more insults than he deserves, has a great website, too. WMGK morning DJ, John DeBella has a very interesting and funny page. A good way to locate all the stations in your listening area is to log on to Radio-Locator.  You can just put in your Zip Code and get a list of all stations that come in fairly well in your immediate neighborhood.  Be sure to check the box that lets you include translator stations.  That's how I discovered W246AR (97.1 FM), which carries WRDV-FM in Warminster.  That station broadcasts at 89.3, but is too weak to reach my Northeast Phila. neighborhood.  97.1 is in Bensalem and comes in reasonably well.  They also broadcast on 107.3 from a transmitter in West Phila.  It's pretty weak, but you can pick it up in parts of West and North Philly and, at least, the western half of Center City.  They also broadcast out of Bristol on 91.7.  The reason I'm devoting so much space to this station is that they carry some great vocal group harmony shows on the weekends.  Check them out through most of Saturday and after 12:00 Noon on Sunday.  Other times they broadcast a lot of big band music and a wide variety of other music throughout their schedule.  It's non-commercial, too.  If you love radio nostalgia, check out another great radio site as well: Classic Philadelphia Radio.

Another thing I enjoy is beer. I especially like to patronize local and regional breweries and brewpubs. Yards, Flying Fish, the Nodding Head Brewpub, Manayunk Brewing Co., and Victory (out in Downingtown) are some local breweries with fine products. A good comprehensive beer lover's site is Beer Is My Life with many links to other beer-related websites as well.

I'm also a sports fan, but not a fanatic. My favorite is baseball and, although I was born in the Bronx and grew up a Yankee fan, I decided many years ago that it's no fun rooting for an out-of-town team, so I became a Phillies fan in 1971 and have had a lot of misery and occasional pleasure ever since. Here's the Phillies website.

Like most people, I like to travel and I've been to Europe and the Caribbean a few times, as well as other parts of the U.S. and Canada, but I never get tired of the Jersey Shore, especially the Wildwoods, where I go for two weeks almost every summer. Here's a link to tourist information.

One of my favorite websites has hundreds of links and is especially useful for consumer-oriented information. It's Consumer World. Another website with a lot of useful links to sources of news and information is CEO Express. A good search engine that is, perhaps, not as well known as some of the others is Starting Point.

In case you can't tell, this page is rather primitive. I've never attempted a web page before, so this will be a long, painful process. I hope to add some more graphics and otherwise make things a bit more attractive. As for the little I've been able to accomplish, I want to thank my past and present co-workers Dan Henderson, Carol Siler, Patrick Speelman, and Ethel Fiderer for all their help and patience. By the way, check out Ethel's web page.  And, for all you Angry Bear fans, here's a link to his creator herself, Noa Kaumeheiwa!

Here are some more frighteningpictures:

My LCB card photo (taken 6/17/70)


And here I am in Aruba in 1999


And again in 2002

If you've somehow stumbled upon this page, I'd be grateful for an e-mail reply, if only to find out that someone's actually seen this. pj@temple.edu