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Computer Literate:

Computer Info. System

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Hardware - the computer itself! It accepts input, processes this input, produces output, and stores any necessary programs, data, and info.

4 Categories of Hardware:

.Output - Provides the user with a means to access the info produced by the system

. Processing - Performs actual transformation of data to info. Consists of a System Unit that contains the electronic circuits that actually cause the processing of data to occur.

Software - programs/instructions telling the hardware what to do.

Procedures - directions written by computer professionals explaining how to use the system. Procedures also detail responsibility.

Types of Computer Systems

Main factors used to determine type:

4 Basic Categories:

Mainframe - Large computer. Used by large companies to process large amounts of data. Supports hundreds of users. Expensive - up to millions $$$

Minicomputer - Often very similar to, but less powerful than, the mainframe. Somewhat slower, less main memory, less expensive (thousands $$$) Also supports many users.

Microcomputer/Personal Computer/PC - Least expensive/least powerful of all types. Used stand-alone or as part of computer network. Cost - $500 - $10,000.

Server Computers are used in a network to allow various computers to share application software, data files, and hardware. Server computers are usually micro or mini computers.

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