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Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting

The Ph.D. program in accounting produces high caliber doctoral faculty who are ready to assume responsibilities at top-tier research universities. Our current faculty has collectively chaired over 40 dissertations and placed students in Carnegie Research Universities such as American, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, NYU, Pittsburgh, Rice, Virginia Commonwealth, and Washington University at St. Louis. Former students of our faculty have received Outstanding Dissertation Awards of the American Accounting Association and some hold chaired professorships. A hallmark of our program is active collaboration between faculty and Ph.D. students. Some of our recent graduates have published multiple papers prior to graduating from the program. The department has been ranked among the top 20 universities in research productivity. Temple PhDs' research productivity has also been highly ranked in another article.

A typical student will complete a Ph.D. in Accounting in five years, although exceptional students can complete it in 4 years. This is the sequence a typical student would follow:

·     Course work in the first two and a half years covering courses in accounting, economics, finance, and statistics.

·     Take the Competency exam in Statistics at the end of the first year.

·     Present two research papers, in collaboration with one or more faculty, at the end of the second and third years in the program. Students are then expected to present their research in national and international conferences.

·     Take the accounting Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam at the end of the third year.

·     Focus in the fourth and fifth years on the dissertation, submitting and revising research papers for journals, and sharpening teaching skills.

The decision to admit a student is separate from the decision to grant financial assistance. Once admitted, the student will be considered for financial support in the form of graduate assistantship and tuition scholarships. In addition to graduate assistantships, other funding opportunities such as Temple University Fellowship and Future Faculty Fellowships are available on a competitive basis.

Although the official application deadline is February 1, prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to apply earlier. The application process is handled by the Fox School’s PhD in Business Administration office. Once the application is complete, the file is sent to the department of accounting. 

To ensure that the applications receive early attention, applicants are encouraged to independently contact Professor Krishnan (preferably via email) with their Curriculum Vitae and GMAT score report even before starting the formal application process.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact (preferably via email)

Dr. Jagan (Krish) Krishnan
Coordinator, Ph.D. Program in Accounting
Temple University
(215) 204-8126