Krystyna Litton

Temple University

Curriculum Vitae

Current research interests:

Comparative political institutions, Comparative political behaviour, Elections, European Union, Transformtion of parties, New parties

Past interests:

Democratic transition, Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine, Russia, Political culture, National identity, Civil participation and its impact on the democratic transition, Ukraine-EU relations, the influence of international organizations, such as Common Economic Space, GUAAM, WTO and NATO in Former Sovier Repulics

Recent paper:

Litton, Krystyna. 2012. "Party Novelty and Economic Voting", Presented at the MPSA Meeting, Chicago, Il, April 12-15, 2012
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Cources Taught:

Foreign Governments (Intro to Comparative Politics)
International Politics (Intro to International Relations)
Development and Globalization
Krystyna Litton