Kenneth J. Kopecky

Department of Finance
Fox School of Business and Management
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Telephone: (215) 204-8279


Recent Publications:

"Capital Regulations, Heterogeneous Monitoring Costs, and Aggregate Loan Quality,” (with D. VanHoose), Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

"Bank Capital Requirements and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism," (with D. VanHoose), Journal of Macroeconomics, September 2004, 443-464.

"A Model of the Monetary Sector with and without Binding Capital Requirements," (with D. VanHoose), Journal of Banking and Finance, March 2004, 633-646.

"Health, Lifespan and Economic Activity: Why Poor Nations Remain Poor and Rich Nations Rich," (with C. Swanson), Global Business and Economic Review, December 2000, 185-200.

“Does the Stock Market Predict Real Activity: Time Series Evidence From the G-7 Countries,” (with J. Choi and S.  Hauser), Journal of Banking and Finance, December 1999, 1771-1792.

"Lifespan and Output," (with C. Swanson), Economic Inquiry, April 1999, 213-225.

"Technology Adoption over the Lifecycle and Aggregate Technological Progress," (with C. Swanson and A. Tucker), Southern Economic Journal, April 1997,  872-877

"Common Factors in International Stock Prices: Evidence from a Cointegration Study," (with D. Bachman, J. Choi, and B. Jeon), International Review of Financial Analysis, 1996, 39-53.

“Macroeconomic News and the Efficiency of International Bond Futures Markets,” (with  K. Becker and J.Finnerty), Journal of Futures Markets, April 1996, 131-146.

“Domestic Macroeconomic News and Foreign Interest Rates,” (with K. Becker and J. Finnerty), Journal of International Money and Finance, December 1995, 763- 783.

"Costs of Adjustment, Portfolio Separation, and the Dynamic Behavior of Bank Loans and Deposits," (with E. Elyasiani and D. VanHoose), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, November 1995, Part 1, 955-974.

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