Kimberly A. Goyette

Associate Professor






Department of Sociology
1115 West Berks Street
Gladfelter Hall, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: (215)204-0134
Fax: (215)204-3352
e-mail: kgoyette@temple.edu


Kimberly Ann Goyette, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at Temple University.

Her interests include education, stratification, race/ethnicity (with a focus on Asian Americans), immigration, and family and household demography.


B.A.  1992  
Harvard University        Concentration:  Sociology/ Women's Studies
M.A. 1994    Tulane University         Concentration:  Sociology
Ph.D. 1999  
University of Michigan  Concentration: Sociology with a specialization in Population Studies

Courses Taught:

Data Analysis (Soc 4002):

Introduction to Sociology (Soc 050):  Syllabus
Undergraduate Statistics (Soc 3201):
Sociology of Education (Soc 3196):   Syllabus
Graduate Sociology of Education (Soc 8311):  
Population (Soc 209):    Syllabus
American Ethnicity (Soc 064):   
Intellectual Heritage 52 (IH52):   

Selected Publications (please click on the link to obtain the .pdf file):

Goyette, Kimberly. 2008. “College for Some to College for All: Social Background, Occupational Expectations, and Educational Expectations over TimeSocial Science        Research 37(2):461-84.

Goyette, Kimberly and Ann Mullen. 2006. “”Who Studies the Arts and Sciences?  Social Background and the Choice and Consequences of Undergraduate Field of Study.”” The       Journal of Higher Education 77(3):497-538.

Xie, Yu and Kimberly Goyette. 2004.  A Demographic Portrait of Asian Americans. Population Reference Bureau/Russell Sage Census 2000 Series.

Mullen, Ann, Kimberly Goyette, and Joseph Soares. 2003.  Who Goes to Graduate School? Social and  Academic Correlates of Educational Continuation After College. Sociology      of Education  76(2):143-69.

Xie, Yu, James Raymo, Kimberly Goyette, and Arland Thornton. 2003. “Economic Potential and Entry into Marriage and Cohabitation.” Demography 40(2):351-68.

Xie, Yu and Kimberly Goyette. 2003. “Social Mobility and the Educational Choices of Asian Americans.”Social Science Research 32:467-98.

Goyette, Kimberly and Yu Xie. 1999. “Educational Expectations of Asian American Youths:  Determinants and Ethnic Differences.”Sociology of Education 71(1):24-38.

Xie, Yu and Kimberly Goyette. 1997. “The Racial Identification of  Biracial Children with One Asian Parent: Evidence from the 1990 Census.”Social Forces 76(2):547-570.

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