Curriculum Vitae

Present Position

Assistant Professor, Intellectual Heritage, Temple University


Columbia University, New York, NY, Ph.D. in Russian Literature 2004
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, B.A. in History/International Relations
Phi Beta Kappa 1993

Courses Taught

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

Art Nature Knowledge 2008

Man the Maker 2008

Disease and Literature 2007

Myth Reason Faith 2007

The Terrorist Novel 2007

Barnard College, New York, NY
Legacy of the Mediterranean 2007
Women and Culture 2006

New York University, New York, NY

The Terrorist Novel 2006

Introduction to Russian Literature I 2005

Columbia University, New York, NY
Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy 1998-2006
Elementary Russian 1995-1998

European College of Liberal Arts Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The "Accursed Questions" and Modern Man summer 2005

Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ
Russian Culture and Civilization 2003


Editor (with Jefferson Gatrall), Alter Icons: The Russian Icon and Modernity. Penn State UP (2010)

"Florensky and the Binocular Body," Alter Icons: The Russian Icon and Modernity. Penn State UP (2010)

Review of Henrietta Mondry, Vasily Rozanov and the Body of Russian Literature. Slavic Review 70:3

Review of Maria Gough, The Artist as Producer: Russian Constructivism in Revolution. Slavic and East European Journal 51.2

"Revenants and Revolutionaries: Body and Society in Bogdanov's Martian Novels." Slavic and East European Journal 50.4

Translator (with Devin Fore), Nikolai Chuzhak, "A Writer's Handbook." OCTOBER Magazine 118

Review of Vladimir Tsurikov, ed. A.S. Khomiakov: Poet, Philosopher, Theologian. Slavic and East European Journal 49.3

"From the Hothouse to the Harem: Rozanov and Decadence." Ulbandus, The Slavic Review of Columbia University 8

"Gogol's Bird-Troika and the Bronze Horses of San Marco." Ulbandus, The Slavic Review of Columbia University 6

Editor, Depictions: Slavic Studies in the Narrative and Visual Arts in Honor of William Harkins. Dana Point: Ardis, 1999

Work in Progress

A book, Russian Utopias and the Remaking of the Observer

An article, "Spa/Gulag," on discourses of rehabilitation in Russia and the Soviet Union

An edited volume on Russian literature and the city. A chapter, "The Terrorist City"


“Terrorist Realism: From Words to Deeds to Novels” Repositioned Realisms, ACLA Annual Meeting, Toronto, April 2013

"Roundtable on 'Reka Potudan'" Andrei Platonov: Style, Context, Meaning, Columbia University, February 2011

"'Serried Lines of Close Straight Handwriting': The Terrorist Novelist" Creativity and Crime in Russian Culture, ASEEES National Convention, Los Angeles, November 2010

"Permafrost Landscape as Memory" Landscapes of Cultural Production, ACLA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, April 2010

"The Icon and the Ad: Advertising in Modern Russian Religious Thought" The Culture of Russian Orthodoxy, Columbia University, New York, March 2008

"Making Memory: Repetition and Invention in Nikolai Fedorov's Common Task" AAASS National Convention, New Orleans, November 2007

"'Blueprint for Health': Soviet Sanatoria and the Gulag" Faculty Colloquium Series, Bucknell University, October 2007

"Page-ing Dr. Werner: Physician to the Stars" "From My Wondrous, Beautiful Far-Away": Modern Russian Literature in Retrospect. A Conference In Memory of Robert A. Maguire, Columbia University, New York City, March 2006

"'Health Factories': Utopian Sanatoriums" AAASS National Convention, Salt Lake City, November 2005

"Is There Love on Mars?: Sex and the Soviet Vampire" The Harriman Institute at Columbia University, New York City, February 2005

"Revenants and Revolutionaries: Ideology and Physiology on the Red Star" AATSEEL Annual Conference, Philadelphia, December 2004

"'Permafrost is Hellenism': The Imagination of Permafrost" AAASS National Convention, Boston, December 2004

"Constipation and Utopia" MLA Annual Convention, San Diego, December, 2003

"The Art of Memory: Nikolai Fedorov's Murals" AAASS National Convention, Toronto, November 2003

"Florensky and the Binocular Body" The Icon and Modernity conference, Columbia University, New York City, October 2003

"Sight Unseen: Religion and Spectacle in Rozanov" The Ralph and Ruth Fisher Forum, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, June 2003

"Rozanov: Naked Gazes, Clothed Bodies" Recontextualizing Russian Women's Studies conference, Columbia University, New York, April 2003

"The Living Museum in Russian Religious Thought" Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference, AAASS, New York, March 2003

"The Cost of Loving: The Figure of the Numismatist in the Work of Vasily Rozanov" AATSEEL Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., December 1996