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UserGuide for the Bruker AV-IIIHD500

UserGuide for the AVANCE 400

UserGuide for the Bruker AV-III 500


UserGuide for the Anazazi EFT-60


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UserGuide for the Internet Scheduling System

How to Transfer NMR Data to your PC

How do I Find my Data?

UserGuide for the Offline PC-based DataProcessing Software

Tips for Cleaning NMR Tubes

NMRSignals from Common Deuterated NMR solvents (from Cambridge IsotopeLaboratories) 

Where do residual solvents absorb in myNMR samples?

What are the NMR properties of the various elements?

Where on the Web can I go to Learn more about NMR?

For an extensive collection of NMR spectral assignments organized by structure type, see this database graciously shared by Prof. Hans Reich of the University of Wisconsin


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Using NUTS and Data Analysis for the PChem Lab (and others)

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