Christopher M. Pascucci

Department of Computer and Information Science

Curriculum Vitae

University of Pennsylvania

  • M.S. Computer & Information Technology / M.S. Computer Science

Temple University

  • B.S. Information Science & Technology  ~  Summa Cum Laude

Gloucester County College

  • A.A.S. Network Engineering

Research Interests

Software engineering. Specifically, systems analysis & design of information systems. Designing and re-engineering existing software information systems to meet organizational requirements and specifications.


Usability Engineering. Designing more usable interfaces for software systems. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has been evolving as newer technologies are developed making software systems more complex to use. One of my research interests involves using and modifying current user interface design theories to make more user friendly software. 


Immersive visualization in real-time environments. Augmented Reality has become a real interest to me because it is being applied to so many different domains. I completed research as a part of my graduate studies in Augmented Reality. The paper looked at current usages, as well as, future possibilities, and technical issues surrounding AR systems.



CIS0835: Cyberspace, Technology & Society
CIS1055: Computers & Applications
CIS1057: Programming and Problem Solving in C
CIS1073: Object-Oriented Programming and Higher Level Languages
CIS3309: Component-Based Software Design
CIS4309: Client-Server & Net-Centric Computing
CIS4342: Networked Applications Development
CIS4376: E-commerce System Development