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Cumulative Index to 4:2, October, 2000

African Americans

cultural economy of the face  Yarbrough 1997

alternative medicine  Hufford 1997

American Sign Language

linguistic embodiment in  Mechling 2000


history of folklore and  Hall 1997


folk dance in Canberra  Polack 2000

Bacon-Smith, Camille

"Folklore and Communications: A Special Issue" (editorial)  Bacon-Smith 1998

"The Goth Explosion in Science Fiction Culture" (article)  Bacon-Smith 1999

"Pomo Femmes Strike Back" (article)  Bacon-Smith 1997

Banks, Amanda Carson

"Folklore and the Comic Book: The Traditional Meets the Popular" (article)  Banks & Wein 1998


conspiracy theories  Yarbrough 1998

Ben-Amos, Dan

definition of folklore  Locke 1998

Boas, Franz

concept of folklore  Hall 1997

body. See human body

Bronner, Simon J.

"Inventing and Invoking Tradition in Holocaust Memorials" (article)  Bronner 2000


religious pilgrimage in Beaupre, Quebec  Fish 2000

Cash, John

"The Old Town School of Folk Music:" (website review)  Cash 2000


pilgrimage shrines  Fish 2000

Chicago, Illinois

Old Town School of Folk Music  Cash 2000


review of children's folklore scholarship  Mechling 2000

cinema. See film

cognitive psychology

children's folklore and  Mechling 2000


Littleton  JK 1999a,   JZ 1999a,   Anonymous 1999,   JK 1999b,   JZ 1999b,   MB&SB 1999

comic books

traditional archetypes in  Banks & Wein 1998


folklore as  Bacon-Smith 1998

Conglomerated Entertainment Industries (CEI)  Dietz 2000

conspiracy theories  Yarbrough 1998

corporate folklore

entertainment industry  Dietz 2000

cultural diversity

alternative medicine and  Hufford 1997

cultural performance

in 1990s U.S. youth culture  Locke 1999


international folk dance  Polack 2000

Dietz, Karen

"A Folklorist Meets Hollywood: Knowledge Management and the Creation of Affecting Works" (article)  Dietz 2000


Gothic fetish clothing  Bacon-Smith 1999

entertainment industry

knowledge management  Dietz 2000


cultural economy among African Americans  Yarbrough 1997


response to science fiction fandom  Bacon-Smith 1997

See also gender


folk spirituality in films by Peter Greenaway  Locke 1998

Rocky Horror Picture Show as cultural performance  Locke 1999

Fish, Lydia

"Pilgrimage as Performance: Ste. Ann de Beaupre" (article)  Fish 2000

folklore (field of study)

Boas influence on  Hall 1997

communication studies and  Bacon-Smith 1998

Romanticism vs. Postmodernism in  Locke 1998

folksong revival

Old Town School of Folk Music  Cash 2000


Gothic role-playing games  Gelfand 1999

Gelfand, Lynn

"Ancient/Classical History:" (website review)  Gelfand 2000

"Haunted Worlds: Narrative, Ritual, and Carnival in Gothic Role-Playing Games" (article)  Gelfand 1999


hormonal components of  Mechling 2000

See also feminism


role in cognitive development  Mechling 2000

Glassie, Henry

Romanticism as foundation of folklore  Locke 1998

Goodwin, Joseph P.

"Let's Get Physical: A Quantum Look at the Queer Space-Time Continuum" (article)  Goodwin 2000

Goth movement

role-playing games  Gelfand 1999

in science fiction fandom  Bacon-Smith 1999

Greenaway, Peter

Postmodern theories of  Locke 1998

Hall, Stephanie A.

"Folklore and the Rise of Moderation Among Organized Skeptics" (article)  Hall 2000

"Papa Boas's Children or The Road to the Center of Folklore: A Folk History" (guest editorial)  Hall 1997


memorialization  Bronner 2000

Mining Company ancient history website  Gelfand 2000

homosexuality. See narrower terms: male homosexuality

Hufford, David

"Cultural Diversity, Alternative Medicine & Folk Medicine" (article)  Hufford 1997

human body

cultural economy of the face  Yarbrough 1997

mind/body coevolution  Mechling 2000


youth culture in Mt. Prospect  Locke 1999

See also narrower terms: Chicago

international folk dance

Canberra (Australia) group  Polack 2000


Holocaust memorials  Bronner 2000

Jewish folklore

Holocaust memorials  Bronner 2000

Lafferty, Anne

"A Seeker's Guide to Modern Witchcraft and Paganism" (article)  Lafferty 1999

language acquisition

play and linguistic development  Mechling 2000


conspiracy theories  Yarbrough 1998

Littleton (Colorado) school shooting  JK 1999a,   JZ 1999a,   Anonymous 1999,   JK 1999b,   JZ 1999b,   MB&SB 1999

Locke, Liz

"Don't Dream It, Be It": The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Cultural Performance" (article)  Locke 1999

"Something Rich and Strange: Technologies of the Sacred in Glassie and Greenaway" (article)  Locke 1998

male homosexuality

space/time manifestations of  Goodwin 2000

mass media

knowledge management  Dietz 2000

material culture

monuments  Bronner 2000

religious shrines  Fish 2000

Mechling, Jay

"Children's Folklore, Childrens Brains" (article)  Mechling 2000


alternative medicine  Hufford 1997


archetypes in contemporary comic books  Banks & Wein 1998

cognitive development and  Mechling 2000

See also particular genres: legend, folktale, etc.

Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago)  Cash 2000


overview of modern Paganism  Lafferty 1999


Holocaust memorials in Harrisburg  Bronner 2000


audience as performer  Locke 1999

religious ritual and  Fish 2000

See also cultural performance

Piaget, Jean  Mechling 2000


pilgrimage shrines in Beaupre, Quebec, Canada  Fish 2000


adaptive and developmental role  Mechling 2000

Polack, Gillian

"International Folk Dance in Canberra, Australia" (article)  Polack 2000


Auschwitz concentration camp  Bronner 2000

popular culture

comic books  Banks & Wein 1998

science fiction fandom  Bacon-Smith 1997,   Bacon-Smith 1999

See also entertainment industry; mass media; youth culture


feminist response to  Bacon-Smith 1997

Romantic influences in  Locke 1998


Jewish Holocaust memorials  Bronner 2000

modern Paganism  Lafferty 1999

pilgrimmage shrines  Fish 2000

spiritual community in Rocky Horror Picture Show performances  Locke 1999

spirituality as basis for folklore  Locke 1998


pilgrimage  Fish 2000

Rocky Horror Picture Show  Locke 1999


postmodern treatment of  Locke 1998

science fiction fandom

feminist response to  Bacon-Smith 1997

Goth movement  Bacon-Smith 1999

Secular Humanism

Skepticism and  Hall 2000


folklore as moderating device  Hall 2000

sociology of knowledge  Dietz 2000


space/time components of gay culture  Goodwin 2000

storytelling. See narrative

Sutton-Smith, Brian  Mechling 2000

Wein, Elizabeth E.

"Folklore and the Comic Book: The Traditional Meets the Popular" (article)  Banks & Wein 1998

World War II Memorial (Washington, D.C.)  Bronner 2000


conspiracy theories  Yarbrough 1998

Yarbrough, Tyrone

"Consider the Source: Conspiracy Theories, Narrative, Belief" (article)  Yarbrough 1998

"Face Value: A Concept of Face in African-American Culture" (article)  Yarbrough 1997

youth culture

Goth movement  Bacon-Smith 1999,   Gelfand 1999

Rocky Horror Picture Show  Locke 1999

See also popular culture

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