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Issue 7 2003



Special Guest Editor: Carol Burke


  • Special Editor's Introduction
    by Carol Burke
    Introduction to the special issue.
  • Military Speech
    By Carol Burke
    Explores the use of occupational jargon of the military to instill attitudes and transform the individual.
  • "This is my Rifle, This is my Gun...": Gunlore in the Military
    By Richard Allen Burns
    Examines the oral lore of military weapons to uncover the functions and meanings of the jokes, chants, and personal narratives shared among members of the armed forces.
  • Informal Communication Systems in the Vietnam War:
    A Case Study in Folklore, Technology and Popular Culture
    By Lydia Fish
    Soldiers in Vietnam made use of the technology at hand to document the war through news, popular culture and folklore passed via informal distribution systems.
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  • Songs of the Vietnam War: An Occupational Folk Tradition
    By Les Cleveland
    Uses the concept of organizational culture to examine the attitudes expressed in the folksong of the Vietnam War
  • Personal Reflections on the Songs of Army Aviators
    in the Vietnam War

    By LtC Martin Heuer, Ret.
    A personal account of the Army Aviation song contests held by General George P. Seneff during the Vietnam War.
  • The Work of Soldier Poetry in Kansas, 1917-1919
    By Timothy D. Rives
    Soldier poetry integrated conscripted men into military society and noncombatant civilians into the war effort while providing a tolerated outlet for mild complaining about military life and authority.
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