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Welcome to Newfolk. This is where folklorists can go where no folklorist has gone before, and find some company along the way. Look below for Newfolk resources.

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  • The Journal of Newfolk.
    • It's here! The long awaited and much anticipated Special Issue: Military Folklore, with special guest editor Carol Burke and articles by Burke, Lydia Fish, Les Cleveland, Rick Burns and others. Articles cover topics such as speech and song, poetry, and modes of transmission of folklore in the military. This is still a work in progress, so a few of the links aren't up and running yet. But the articles are here. Go, enjoy, be enlightened, and come back later when all the i's are dotted and t's crossed.
  • Submission guidelines
    • We are accepting scholarly articles in folklore, anthropology, religious studies, American studies and related fields written in a manner accessible to a wide readership of scholars, students, and non-scholarly special interest readers. For more information please read submission guidelines. If you have any questions about submisions to New directions in Folklore, or wish to submit an article, contact Camille Bacon-Smith, editor, at
  • Past Issues
    • Check our Past Issues for some great current and classic Newfolk scholarship.
    • Thanks to indexer and Newfolk member John Bealle, New Directions in Folklore now has a Cumulative Index. Use your browser's find function to search all journal issues!

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    • Join the Newfolk email list! Go to Newfolk on the Listserv. Follow the instructions to set up your membership in the Newfolk mailing list community.
    • For past discussions on the Newfolk discussion list, check out the List Archives.

  • Newfolk@AFS
    • Newfolk now sponsors a section at the American Folklore Society! Join NEWFOLK@AFS and help promote the study of emergent folklore in modern culture.
    • Meet fellow Newfolk scholars at our section meeting at the Rochester AFS meeting in 2002.
    • And check here for the latest information about our first sponsored panel at AFS.

  • Resources Guide
    • Investigate our resources and Research Links for Folklorists!
    • The LibraryComing soon! Watch for our Library of Folklore Scholarship from print. Previously published journal and newsletter articles soon online with permission of the author/copyright holder.

  • The Manifesto Page
    • Check out the Manifesto, and its many responses.
  • Hot Topic:
    • Dorfman creates a storm in Lingua Franca.
      (See Alan Dundes Letter Here!)

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