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Submission Guidelines

New Directions in Folklore (NDF) is the refereed online journal of Newfolk, a community of over one hundred scholars, professionals, and graduate students dedicated to pushing the envelope of scholarship in the exploration of contemporary culture. You do not have to be a member of NEWFOLK to submit your work to NDF but we recommend that you read some of the articles for a sense of the journal. NDF is dedicated to providing vital, up to the minute and rigorous scholarship to an informed scholarly audience of non-specialists. We are not limited to topics that have appeared in NDF, but invite a wide range of articles, written in an accessible style, that examine contemporary culture through the humanities or social sciences.

Submitting an Article to NDF

NDF publishes two kinds of articles: reviewed scholarship, in the section of the journal labelled "Articles" and informal submissions for the "Notes" or "Letters" sections which are not refereed. All submissions, whether articles or notes, receive an initial response from the editor based on relevance to the mission of Newfolk, and on the clarity and completeness of presentation.

NDF conforms to style guidelines of the Journal of American Folklore. Email submissions are preferred but scholars should query the editor by email first, at Include in your email the approximate length of your submission and the size and quantity of graphic or sound files to accompany it. Submissions made by land mail should include a hard copy printout in standard manuscript format--double spaced, one inch margins, Times 14 or Courier 12 font size--with a copy on electronic medium, preferably cd. The rest of this section will discuss reviewed articles.

When received, Articles are reviewed for scholarly rigor as well as for relevance, clarity, and completeness. When an article has met this minimum standard for consideration, it is matched to resident experts in the topic or area of specialization for review. The review process at Newfolk is designed not to eliminate articles from consideration but to assist scholars to meet the journal's high standards for rigor and accessibility. Reviewers therefore have the option to remain anonymous or to make themselves available to their authors in a relationship of ongoing constructive criticism through to satisfactory conclusion of the project.

Publication History

NDF was first published online as the Impromptu Journal in July of 1997. In 2000, the name was changed to New Directions in Folklore, as it remains. Materials published in New Directions in Folklore remain the property of their authors. NDF reserves the right of exclusive publication for the period of one year only; authors may then offer their work for reprint as they see fit. Submissions may be withdrawn at any point during the review process. Once the material has been published in NDF, however, it becomes part of the Newfolk record and cannot be removed.

Likewise, NDF may emend the appearance of materials to maintain a consistency of design, but will make as changes to the text only proofreading corrections requested by the author. At the author's request, and with the agreement of the editor, additions and amendments may be added as separate files to the table of contents.

Please address submissions to:
Camille Bacon-Smith
New Directions in Folklore

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