Camille Bacon-Smith
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts (Magna cum Laude) May, 1985
Master of Arts May 1985
Doctor of Philosophy, May 1989

Doctoral Dissertation

Enterprising Women: Television, Folklore, and the Creation of Community


Kenneth Goldstein, Dept. of Folklore and Folklife,
University of Pennsylvania
Larry Gross, Annenberg School of communication
University of Pennsylvania
Brian Sutton-Smith, Dept. of Folklore and Folklife,
and the Graduate School of Education,
University of Pennsylvania
Patricia Frazer Lamb, Dept. of English, Westminster College

Positions Held:

Temple University, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1991-1998

University of Pennsylvania, Lecturer (part time), 1987-1994


Books: Academic

  • Science Fiction Culture. (Philadelphia) University of Pennsylvania Press. 1999.

  • Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Modern Myth.
    (Philadelphia) University of Pennsylvania Press. 1992.

    Books: Creative

  • Eyes of the Empress. Novel, New York, DAW Books, 1998.

  • Face of Time. Novel, New York, DAW Books, 1996.

  • Eye of the Daemon. Novel. New York. DAW Books. 1995.


  • "Angels on the Moon," Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October, 1994.

    Research Articles Published Or In Press

    The Goth Explosion in Science Fiction Culture
    New Directions in Folklore, May, 1999.

    "What Is Myth?" Guest commentary in "Perspectives" Folklore Forum,
    vol. 29, no. 2 (Fall 1998).

    "Batman: The Ethnography," in The Many Lives of the Batman,
    Simultaneous publication in England by the British Film Institute
    and in the USA by Routledge, Chapman, Hall, 1990.

    Editor and Introduction, special issue on Science Fiction and Folklore,
    Keystone Folklore, Winter 1990.

    "Spock Among the Women," New York Times Sunday Book Review, November 16, 1986.

    "The Mary Sue Genre in Star Trek Fan Fiction," in Folklore Women's
    Communication #32-33, 1984.


    Co-founder, List Administrator, and Web Manager,

    Website and email list for professional folklorists and graduate students interested in expanding the definitions of the field. Website includes a journal and a wide variety of resources, including access to the archives of the email list.
    New Directions in Folklore :
    Publication of Newfolk.
    Editor, webmaster

    Philadelphia Fantastic:

    Organize a series of readings by local authors of speculative fiction. Maintain small announcement-based email lists, one for readers and one for regular attenders. Manage series website and promotion.

    Various other internet-related projects as required by research for Science Fiction Culture

    Invited Addresses

    "Methods of Ethnography in Popular Culture."
    Guest speaker, Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania, 1996.

    "Social and Cultural Implications of Popular Culture Interest Groups."
    Guest speaker, College of General Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

    "Enterprising Women" (slide presentation). Guest speaker,
    Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

    Guest presenter, Women Writers Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. 1988.
    "Women Writing Erotica."
    "Enterprising Women"
    Guest Lecturer in courses on Folk Religion, Popular Culture, Sociology of Alternative Publication.

    Papers Presented at Professional Meetings

    "The Battle for the Books: Science Fiction Fandom and Big Business Publishing."
    Popular Culture Association Meeting, Philadelphia, April, 1995.

    "PoMo Femmes Strike Back" (Women writers and the Postmodern in science fiction and fantasy).
    Northeastern Modern Language Association, Boston, March, 1995.

    "Siempre en Domingo: Hegemony, Ethnicity, and Revolution, Hispanic Style."
    American Folklore Society meeting, Philadelphia, Pa., October, 1989.

    "Women and Science Fiction Television: The Narrative Experience."
    Popular Culture Association meeting, St. Louis, Mo., 1989.

    "Propriety and Play in an Art Community."
    The Association for the Study of Play conference, Philadelphia, Pa. 1989.

    "Tarot Culture: Diviners Divining for Diviners."
    American Folklore Society meeting, Boston, Ma. 1988.

    "Acquisition and Transformation of Popular Culture:
    The International Video Circuit and the Fanzine Community."
    (Special competition panel) International Communications Association , NewOrleans, La., 1988.

    "Privatization of Mass Media."
    International Communications Association meeting, New Orleans, La., 1988.

    "Women and Erotic Literature." Guest presenter, Women Writers Conference,
    University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., 1988.

    "Emic Genre Distinctions in Women's Amateur Fiction."
    International Conference on the Fantastic, Houston, Texas, 1987.

    Star Trek, Blake's 7, and the Location of Ethical Certainty
    in a Women's Creative Community."
    Annual Meeting of the Popular Culture Association, Montreal, Canada, 1987.

    "Women in Star Trek: An Ethnographic Overview." National
    Women's Studies Conference, Champaign, Illinois, 1986.

    "Emic Genre Distinctions in Women's Amateur Fiction."
    Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, Baltimore, Maryland, 1986.

    "Breaking the Frame: Intrusion on a Science Fiction Costume Event."
    Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1985.

    "The `Mary Sue' Genre in Women's Fan Fiction."
    Collaborations and Connections in Women's Studies Research, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1985.

    "Taxonomy of Belief: Religion, Science, and Magic in 17th Century Europe."
    Annual Meeting of the Middle Atlantic Folklore Association, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 1984.

    Teaching Experience

    Science Fiction and Fantasy
    American Popular Culture
    Women and Folklore
    Creative Writing (The Short Story)
    Children's Literature
    Childhood and Culture
    Survey of English Literature
    Intellectual Heritage" (Social Science).
    Critical Thinking and Research Writing
    Business Writing
    Prose Essay
    Composition (Ethnographic method)

    Also prepared to teach folklore courses at the graduate and undergraduate level, courses relating to a variety of popular culture, culture studies, genre fiction, and gender studies topics at the graduate and undergraduate level, communications studies, including audience studies and study of and using the internet, and general literature courses at the undergraduate level and theory courses at the graduate level.

    Service to the Profession

    Head Archivist, University of Pennsylvania Archive of Folklore and folklife, 1984-88

    Preparing grant requests, preliminary budgets, and year-end reports, hired part-time archivists, and trained and directed the activities of part time archivists and Archive Research Assistants. Created archive procedures, newsletters, and user guides.


    Consulting, advising, peer review reading for University of Pennsylvania Press in areas of Popular Genre Literature and Popular Culture Studies.

    Service to the Community
    Philadelphia Fantastic
    Organize reading series that brings local and Middle Atlantic region authors of fantastic literature to downtown Philadelphia.


    Nominated for a Hugo award for Enterprising Women.

    Faculty Merit Award for research, 1993, and creative work, 1995.


    American Folklore Society
    International Communication Association
    Modern Language Association
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America