#816, 44' x 40' x 13'4" fiberglass Virginia Reel Type - 1969 

The Discoverer seems to be the fiberglass version of Virgina Reel, with slight variations.  She has the same overall and waterline length and has 3 inches more beam (maybe just a huskier rub rail). Her deck house has 3 windows instead of two. She has a flying bridge instead of a piloting position in the cockpit. 

Two were built in 1971 by Ta Chiao in Taiwan. The hull layup was very heavy -- 6" at the turn of the bilge.  One is thought to be in San Francisco Bay. The other is being restored in Maryland.  Her earlier name was Gypsy, her new name is Ballena Blanca.


She was equipped with twin Perkins 130 hp diesels and cruised at 10 knots with a 1,200 to 2,200 mile range under power.  Accomodations for six, with two private statemrooms and a large head with shower. 

 Ballena Blanca
Ballena Blanca has come a long way from where she was a couple of years ago.  She is in the water, a very large step forward.  Photos below show her condition around 2010.

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By the beginning of 2014, her engines and other machinery were in place, and she finally is moving under her own power again and looking great!


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