Jay B. Lockenour
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Associate Professor of History
Former President, Phi Beta Kappa, Rho of Pennsylvania

Faculty Expert, Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy (CENFAD)

Research and Teaching Interests: 
German History; Modern European Social and Military History; History and Film. 

Personal Statement: 
I am interested in the intersection between social and military history and especially in the social and cultural impact of warfare in Europe. I have worked on a wide-range of subjects, from German political culture and national identity, to POW and veterans' affairs, to the role of film in illuminating historical consciousness. My first book project combined many of these interests by examining the material and ideological effects of the Second World War and its aftermath on former German officers living in the Federal Republic of Germany. I have two ongoing projects. The larger project is a a study of the military career and anti-Semitic politics of Erich Ludendorff. The second project is a piece on the demilitarization of Germany after 1945.

I offer courses on European social, military, and film history. I can prepare graduate students in both German social and military history, or provide guidance to those interested in Europe as a primary or comparative field. I especially enjoy teaching comparative courses which seek to understand the way in which modern societies organize for and are transformed by war. 

Representative Publications: 

  • “Black and White Memories of War: Victimization and Violence in West German War Films of the 1950s,” article forthcoming in the Journal of Military History, expected January 2011.

  • Dragonslayer: The Life and Legend of Erich Ludendorff, book manuscript in preparation

  • “The Battle of Liège,” article manuscript in preparation.

  • "The Demilitarization of Germany, 1945-2010," in Peter Stearns (ed.), Demilitarization in Contemporary World History, (expected 2012, University of Illinois Press)

  • Soldiers as Citizens: German Veterans in the Federal Republic, 1945-1955. (November 2001, University of Nebraska Press)

  • "The Rift in Our Ranks: The German Officer Corps, the 20th of July, and the Path to Democracy," German Studies Review (October 1998).

Professor Lockenour has received grants from the German Academic Exchange Service, the Mellon Foundation, and the Fulbright Commission. 

Spring 2011
Office: 952 Gladfelter Halll
Office Phone: (215) 204-7437
Office Hours: Tuesday 1230-150pm Thursdays 330-450pm
E-Mail: jay.lockenour@temple.edu

Updated: 27 Jan 2011