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Freestone Lab

Ecology and Conservation of Species Diversity

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Research in the Freestone laboratory bridges classic community ecology with macroecology.  We focus on understanding feedbacks among processes that operate at the community scale and across regional to continental scales.  Using experimental approaches in benthic marine systems, we explore (1) the impact of species interactions on community assembly and ecosystem function, particularly resistance to invasion by non-native species, and (2) how these processes structure patterns of species diversity in space and time.  One of our principal interests lies in understanding how these dynamics change across the primary global biogeographic gradient, latitude.  Therefore, our field studies and collaborative projects span the subarctic to the tropics.  We also conduct collaborative research on the conservation and ecology of tropical forests in the Madagascar Biodiversity Hotspot.  

Amy Freestone

Photos: (Left) Amy Freestone. (Top) Seastar at field site in New Jersey (photo: Patrick Maleszewski).


Lab News

We are recruiting two graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow to assist with the BioVision Project (Biogeographic Variation in Interaction Strength and Invasions at the Ocean’s Nearshore), an NSF-funded collaborative project led by Dr. Amy Freestone, Dr. Greg Ruiz (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD) and Dr. Mark Torchin (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama City, Panama). More information on the graduate positions can be found HERE. Information on the postdoctoral position can be found HERE. Questions can be directed to Amy. 

We are recruiting 2014 summer interns! Click HERE for more information.

An upcoming paper of Amy's in press at Ecology got highlighted in Nature. Check it out!

The Freestone Lab developed and ran field activities at Island Beach State Park, one of our research sites, for the Women's Engineering Exploration high school summer camp, coordinated by the College of Engineering at Temple. We also developed and ran field activities at Delaware Bay for the Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp for middle school students in the Philadelphia area, coordinated by the College of Science and Technology at Temple (see Lab Photos under People for some field shots!).

Katherine Papacostas received a Sounds Conservancy Grant to support her research in Long Island Sound!

Katherine's recent Smithsonian Fellowships are highlighted on Temple's Graduate School News website. Take a look!

We are recruiting 2012 summer interns! Click HERE for more information.

Congratulations to Katherine Papacostas for passing her preliminary exam and advancing to candidacy!

Katherine Papacostas and Elizabeth Rielly were both selected as NSF GK-12 Fellows for the 2011-2012 academic year!

Congratulations to Mike McQuillan on graduating with Distinction in Biology!

Congratulations to Katherine Papacostas who received a Link Foundation / Smithsonian Graduate Fellowship to work at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Florida this summer!

Katherine Papacostas received her second Sigma Xi grant to support her upcoming field season in Florida!

We are all thrilled for Miguel Vaca who will be an NSF REU intern at University of Hawaii this summer!

Miguel Vaca will be presenting his collaborative research with Katherine Papacostas at an undergraduate research poster session on April 30th in the Bio-Life building at Temple University.

We are very happy to welcome Elizabeth Rielly into our lab this year! And now she is already launching into her first field season!


Amy Freestone, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, Temple University

453B Biology - Life Sciences Building
1900 N 12th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122