Dr. Robert T. Krafty

Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director


Department of Statistics
336 Speakman Hall
1810 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, 19122
Phone: (215) 204-3163
E-mail: krafty@temple.edu

Rob Krafty is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in the Department of Statistics at the Fox School, Temple University. He received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Dance from SUNY at Stony Brook, his MA in Mathematics and PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Pennslyvania. His research interestes include:

Theory and Methods:

  • Time Series
    • Nonparametric Methods
    • Spectral Analysis
    • Multiple Time Series Under Complex Study Designs
    • Nonstationary Time Series
  • Functional Data Analysis
  • Smoothing Splines and Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Methods
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis


  • Biology and Medicine
    • Chronobiology and Sleep
    • Cancer
    • Electrophysiology: EEG, EKG, HRV
  • Epidemilogy, Public Health and Policy
    • Homicide and Interpersonal Violence
    • Alcohol and Firearms
  • Econometrics